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Oktay, who has been involved in the art of tattooing for about 15 years, spent a significant portion of his career in his own studios and has been part of Cleopatra Ink for the past 4 years. Oktay is a versatile artist who can masterfully work in any style of tattooing. He has proven himself in various techniques such as Coverup, Realistic, Oldschool, Line Work, Dot Work, Color Realism, and Freehand.

Continuously improving himself with the training he received at Cleopatra Ink Academy, Oktay now also provides academic education to beginners. Currently working at Cleopatra Ink's Denver studio, Oktay focuses on adding innovations to his career. Trusted by his clients, Oktay strives to ensure that they carry unforgettable artworks on their bodies and adds a artistic dimension to their memories and stories. Passing on his experiences to future generations is also of great importance to him.

Artworks in tattoos

Cleopatra Ink Gallery is a reflection of tattoo art. Here, you'll find captivating photographs of unique works created by our tattoo artists. Welcome to our gallery to visually explore the enchanting world of tattoo art.

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