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At Cleopatra Ink, we're not just about tattoos; we offer a truly unique experience that reflects your individuality. Our dedicated tattoo designers listen to your personal narrative, crafting bespoke designs that mirror your identity. They meticulously plan every detail to ensure your tattoo is more than just ink; it's a living part of your story.


At Cleopatra Ink Tattoo & Piercing studios, high-level hygiene standards are observed and state-of-the-art equipment is used. You can get tattoo services in many different styles such as minimal tattoos, realistic tattoos, portrait tattoos, black and white tattoos from Cleopatra Ink Tattoo & Piercing studios.

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Experience Hygienic Piercing Services

You can get piercing service with state-of-the-art equipment in a safe environment at Cleopatra Ink Tattoo & Piercing studios, where hygiene standards are kept at the highest level and piercers are experienced in piercing.

You can get information from Cleopatra Ink Tattoo & Piercing studios about the procedure to be done before the piercing and how to care after the procedure.

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You can have your dream tattoo designed for free at Cleopatra Ink Tattoo & Piercing studios. Thanks to experienced designers, you can get the tattoo of your dreams.

Thanks to our new generation studios, our expert tattoo artists, our environment that does not compromise on hygiene rules and our state-of-the-art professional equipment, we always provide you with a high-level service!

Fill out our form to make a tattoo or piercing reservation. Visit our studio to get your free tattoo design consultation. Our artists will create unique design for your liking.