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Become a part of Cleopatra Ink with our exciting franchising opportunity

Why Franchise a Cleopatra Ink studio?

At Cleopatra Ink, we owe our success and reputation to our commitment: to our customers, our employees, as well as our franchising partners. We place emphasis on providing you with hands-on training and career development services to help you set your own studio up for success.  As experts in the tattoo industry, we leverage an in-depth understanding of the challenges you may face. As a Cleopatra Ink studio franchise owner, you get a trusted partner with years of experience who can introduce you to the industry and its intricacies and help you set up a successful business, supported by a globally recognized brand.

Franchise Support

As a Cleopatra Ink franchise owner, you will enjoy the full benefits, support and extensive training and career development opportunities our global brand has to offer. Our Field Operations and Franchising staff will work directly with you from the moment you decide to open a franchise. Our Franchise Support system is designed to equip you with all the tools you need to make your own business successful. Our Field Operations staff will assist you in maximizing quality and skills, and provide outstanding service which will ensure better sales and higher profits. Additionally, we will leverage our experience and tools to provide extensive marketing support, helping your franchise grow locally and internationally. Thanks to our commitment to quality, Cleopatra Ink is currently the authority in the tattoo industry. To help you maintain our high standards, we will arrange the tattoo artists, designers and vendors for your studio, as well as work closely with suppliers to ensure you only get the highest quality equipment at the most competitive prices. Additionally, we will assist you with your interior and décor needs to ensure it fits within our corporate style and provide you with the merchandise. All that’s left is growing your own tattoo studio!

Benefits of franchising as a Cleopatra Ink Owner

Be your own boss: Franchising a Cleopatra Ink studio provides you with the exciting opportunity to own your business and reap the benefits that come with it. With our unique, hands-on approach to training and support, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  The support of a globally recognized brand: As an authority in the tattoo industry, Cleopatra Ink provides you with the tools to help you grow your business. Our talented staff would gladly assist you in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, human resources, purchasing, and equipment purchasing to set up your studio for success. Personal and business growth: As a franchise owner, you will reap the satisfaction of running a successful business and being a respected member of the Cleopatra Ink’s worldwide organization.  Unmatched opportunities for knowledge: With the help of Cleopatra Ink’s extensive training, support and development services, you can achieve unrivalled personal and professional growth as a tattoo studio owner/operator.

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