About Us

Since 2014


Established in 2014, Cleopatra Ink is an award-winning tattoo and piercing studio based in Alanya, Turkey. Currently we’re one of the largest tattoo companies in Europe. Our artists are proud to embody the spirit and artistry of the tattoo industry. Founder Halil ibrahim Karadere, opened Cleopatra Ink as a single location in Alanya, quickly growing our brand and expanding into locations across Europe.

Tattoo & Piercing


We love offering our services to the world, and we’re known in the tattoo industry for the work we do for our customers. it’s often that customers outside Turkey will travel to Turkey just to work with our artists. Although we started as a single location in Alanya, it didn’t take long for us to expand into Europe. With multiple locations in Norway, Finland, Turkey, and istanbul, Cleopatra Ink is proud to provide premium services to worldwide clientele. We’re proud to provide great service and lifelong art that goes where you go.

The best


Whether you’re looking for portraits, realistic art, or even work inspired by your favorite animations, our artists specialize in all varieties and styles of tattoo art. We practice the highest form of artistry and believe in the value of our customers’ ideas. The Cleopatra Ink experience is unlike any other. At our high-end studio, enjoy views of the tree-lined avenue and bring friends or family to accompany you on this journey. Our tattoos often take multiple visits and several hours, but we care about making you comfortable and at ease. Artists at Cleopatra Ink take the time to make your art top-notch so that you have a quality tattoo for years to come.