With our structure that knows that art is for people, our basic value is also human. We are in the position of a brand that everyone wants to work with, with our line of 'employer', which is one of the goals we have achieved. We are expanding our employees' career vision by developing these values ​​day by day with our growing structure. With this structure, we aim to recruit the best and work in this direction. Because we are recruiting for the future, not the position. We work with people who have more competence and capacity than the position requires. We place our personnel in positions where they can improve themselves the most, not in what they do best. We are aware that individual development is one of the biggest building blocks of the company's future and we support development in all our business steps. We frequently implement Cleopatra Ink in-house training programs to support individual development. We prefer our managers from people who have the Cleopatra Ink culture and have grown up in our family. Our goal, as Cleopatra Ink, is to maintain our leading position by perpetuating the value we add to our brand in line with business priorities. While realizing this vision, we provide career counseling to all our departments and personnel in order to walk the same path.

Choose your path

Work in the studio

Tattoo Artist

Do you have at least 2 years of experience and think you have a broad horizon of art? You can take the first step by sending us your portfolio with your application.

Tattoo Designer

Can you plan and design in Photoshop and similar programs? Can you develop and speak adequate English? Send us your portfolio along with your application.

Other Positions

You can submit your application for different positions in the studio here.

Work in Headquarters

Other Positions

If you have experience and expertise in sales and know one or more languages, then this profession will be an excellent choice for you.